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+    Set       Set       identical sets          $_ === X
+    Hash      Set       hash keys same set      $_.keys === X
+    Any       Set       force set comparison    Set($_) === X
+    Set       Subset    subset                  .any === X.all
+    Hash      Subset    subset of hash keys     .any === X.all
+    Any       Subset    force set comparison    .Set.any === X.all
+    Set       Superset  superset                .any === X.all
+    Hash      Superset  superset of hash keys   .any === X.all
+    Any       Superset  force set comparison    .Set.any === X.all

With the last 3 (Superset), shouldn't it be ".all === X.any", which is the opposite of what Subset has?

@@ -747,15 +722,28 @@
     KeySet KeyBag KeyHash       Hash
     Class Subset Enum Role      Type
     Subst Grammar               Regex
-    Buf Char LazyStr            Str
+    Char LazyCat                Str
     Int UInt etc.               Num
     Match                       Capture
+    Byte                        Str or Int
+    Buf                         Str or Array of Int

Possible omission-typo.

Should the lower quoted section mention Superset as it does Subset, like the top quoted section already does with this update?

-- Darren Duncan

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