> +++ doc/trunk/design/syn/S03.pod   Fri Feb  2 01:07:36 2007
> +Both of these forms actually translate to
> +
> +    if $filename.TEST(:e) { say "exists" }
> +
> +which which is a generic mechanism that dispatches to the object's
> +class to find the definition of C<TEST>.  (It just happens that

s/which which/which/

Which reminds me of an old puzzle:

  Punctuate the following sentence so it makes sense.
  Ann where Bob had had had had had had had had had had had a better
  effect on the teacher.

> Nick++ noticed where I spaced out.  Just glad someone's reading these
> things...

Yeah, some of us are reading these documents. I wish more of us understood more of them. Myself, particularly. :-) I hope to get caught up enough on current semantics that I can do more checking of meaning and less picking of grammatical and spelling nits. Perl6 is growing in ways I really like, but I'm having serious trouble keeping up!

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