Larry Wall schreef:
> Dr.Ruud wrote:

>> I would expect
>>   %hash.exists{$key}
> Except ${$key} is interpreted as ${$key}.  Things
> like "exists" and "delete" need to evaluate the key before calling
> the method in question, not after.


>> with the shortcut
>>   %hash.:{$key}
>> to test (at run-time) for existance of the element, and expect
>>   %hash.:exists
>> to test (at compile time if possible) for the validity of 'exists',
>> more like
>>   %hash.can('exists');
>>   %hash.has('exists');
>>   %hash.does('exists');
> Why would you expect colon to do that?  I don't see the prior art...

I was reading : as TEST (or indeed STATUS, or even STATE), and read the
part ":exists" a "the STATUS (or validity) of exists()", which would
always be true (or >0) because exists() is in the "hash-core".

So "%table.:$key" or "%table.:{$key}" would then be short for
"%table.exists{key}" (assuming exists() to be the default
TEST/STATUS/STATE-method for hash).

Affijn, Ruud

"Gewoon is een tijger."

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