I vote against this proposal.

More exceptional rules in a language are bad in itself. 
Those exceptions force people to more to learn more stuff
and lead to confusion for those who don't know every detail 
of this language. So, there should be an important reason 
for that or it's a silly idea.

I think your proposal is conflicting with the common meaning 
of 'else' and I fear that this would discourage many 
professional programmers that are used to other languages, 
to give perl6 a try. In other words: Features are good but 
breaking conventions is bad.

On the other hand, there is no important reason for it because C<

for @rray -> $el {}
if ! @rray {}

should work. It's short and easy to understand. 
So, I think there is no problem at all with the 
currently specced syntax.

Kind Regards

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