Larry Wall wrote:
On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 06:37:34PM -0800, Jonathan Lang wrote:
: Rick Delaney wrote:
: >Smylers wrote:
: >>   for @invoice
: >>   {
: >>     .process;
: >>   } or fail 'No invoices to process';
: >
: >If that actually works then I'm happy.
: : It's dependent on .process not returning a false on the final iteration.

Er, these days 'for' is more like 'map', and hence returns a list.
So it's dependent on at least one iteration returning a non-() value.
In fact, if the final iteration returned False, the list would be
considered true.


The situation the thread is referring to has @invoice empty so no iterations are taking place and all this is a non-issue. :)

Tom Lanyon

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