I never could find the Pod-to-XHTML'd version of S26 -- the document attached to that email was S26.pod6, not S26.xhtml.

I don't want to bug Damian, because obviously he has enough of life "happening", as it were. But is the XHTML'd version of S26 available anywhere? I haven't been able to find it, and I don't read POD as well as all you perl veterans....
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On 11/22/06, Damian Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

    Many thanks to all those who offered feedback on the first draft, as
    a result of which you will see that there have been some major
    adjustments and some important simplications to the new Perl mark-up

    The first release of (a Perl 5 implementation of) the parser is
    close to ready...within a week if life doesn't "happen" too much. I
    also have a prototype Pod-to-XHTML module implemented, in earnest
    whereof I have attached a Pod-to-XHTML'd version of the synopsis.


    PS: As a few of you are already aware, I am in the midst of health
         crisis within my immediate family. This is likely to be
         on-going for the next month or more, so please accept my
         apologies in advance if my response-time is frustratingly slow.

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