1. Are there any interactive inspection tools in the current Perl6
implementations?  S12.pod talks about a "methods" method (on the
object returned by .HOW at least), but that doesn't seem to exist in
Pugs... I think in this stage where the impls are incomplete and
people are playing around with them (and looking for areas to help out
in) it would be helpful to have a way to ask 'what can this object
do?' from within the interpreter.

2. The question I was trying to answer by poking around: what is/will
be the P6 equivalent of P5's $. ?  I assume the answer is a method on
the filehandle object, but called what?  Should it keep the P5
IO::Handle name (input_line_number)?  Or something else perhaps a
little less unwieldy  (lineno, recno, ...)

I don't see any reference to $. in the Synopses, so I assume this is
not yet defined.  Apologies if I just missed it.


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