Juerd Waalboer schrieb:
> Thomas Wittek skribis 2007-05-14  0:42 (+0200):
>> excessive use of special characters (/\W/).
> This seems to be "I don't like regexes". Ignoring for now that Perl 6
> regexes will be more verbose and thus easier to read for someone without
> much prior exposure to them, what would you suggest as an alternative to
> regex matching?

Not ignoring that will nullify your argument.
Regexps/rules are great, and I never said anything differing. If the
syntax gets more readable without any cost (in which I belive) its even
Now do s/Regexps\/rules are/Perl is/ on the last sentence.

> On the other hand, the overall structure of a program is often more
> obvious, exactly because so much more fits in one screenful.

My suggestions won't have an impact on the expressiveness of Perl.
So in many cases you might have even less characters on your screen.
Of course some special character sequences would be replaced by word
character sequences, but that won't fill your screen by a magnitude.

Thomas Wittek

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