This last SOTO re-reminded me of what an inveterate fan I am of Perl 6.  Wow.

My question today is about concurrency.  I can imagine how things like IPC 
Mailboxes (e.g. RFC 86) happen in modules.  I can also imagine why Threads 
(e.g. RFC 1) should be in modules- given the obvious dependence on underlying 
OS.  I do see both C<fork> and C<wait> in S29, but not in, which brings 
me to the questions:

* Where will C<fork>, C<wait>, and possible friends (e.g. Perl 5's 
C<open>-with-|) live?
* Is there any expectation of message-passing concurrency functions living 
* How about shared/software-transactional memory?

Hopefully I'm not inadvertently starting any kind of flame-fest about anyone's 
favorite concurrency model here :-D


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