Inadvertently replied to this off-list...

Moritz wrote:
>There's no need for any "keyword" to be in just defines
>the grammar. Syntactically fork will be like just another sub, so it can
>safely be handled in the compiler's runtime.
>> * Where will C<fork>, C<wait>, and possible friends (e.g. Perl 5's 
>> C<open>-with-|) live?
>What do you mean by "where"? The namespace? Or the implementation?

I think I'm starting to get the distinction about what goes
 into  Coming most recently from a project in Erlang, concurrency
 still feels like a kind of flow control to me right now :-\  It looks
 like they live in the C<Processes> namespace from S29.  The term "built
 in" in S29 confuses me a little, I think, but rereading the section
 about namespaces helped.

>(still a draft) contains a bit more helpful information.

Yeah, this was really fun to read.  It was also the only place I saw
 C<yield>, C<produce>, C<coro>, etc., so I began to suspect the warning
 at the top that it's "just random notes" might be accurate ;)

>> Hopefully I'm not inadvertently starting any kind of flame-fest
>> about anyone's favorite concurrency model here :-D
>Why flame, when we can have all of them at once? ;-)

Hear, hear!

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