I do think It Would Be Nice If there were a native Perl6
DRY/MVC/OMG/WTF/BBQ webapp dev framework ready to go (go where? into a
webapp-oriented P6 distro, natch) around the same time that the lang
itself is done.
I imagine a port of Catalyst would fit the bill nicely.

I mention this only because I think the whole reason PHP got any
traction at all was the lack of a simple, bundled, ready-made solution
in Perl - or even a generally-agreed-upon solution from CPAN.  Maybe
sometimes There Are Too Many Ways To Do It...

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> > oh, it might not be relevant in many ways but :
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> >
> http://iamseb.com/seb/2007/12/perl-on-rails-why-the-bbc-fails-at-the-internet/
> >
> > http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/radiolabs/2007/11/perl_on_rails.shtml
> >
> > There's one thing I would like perl6 to shine in, is web and open source.
> As Trey pointed out, this sort of discussion belongs somewhere else.
> Note that no language really shines on the web: it's something that
> someone makes with the language (e.g. Catalyst, Rails, Seaside, Django)
> that shines on the web :)


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