I've never said that switch ... case was better than given ... when
or that switch ... case was even a good construct.
I have said that given ... when sounds weird as a construct
(not mentionning the use of past participle and on top of that of an irregular verb).
I understand the meaning and I can get over it
but is proliferation of English idioms, words a good idea?
There're bunch of words that could describe the same idea
in a sligtly different manner.
Perhaps writting a la smallTalk could be the solution.
getting rid off all shortcuts and change them into explicit description
entities and write english sentences, not programs.
This could be nice but I will first have to learn English.
Anyway, I will write my own 'Lingua::Given::Francais' with avec ... lorsque^^:
(well, if I can -  ^^; xx 1000 )

And that for me is the power of P6 - the fact that you WILL be able easily to write such a module. In fact, why not write a module Lingua::Francais that maps all the P6 constructs into French, thus making it much more accessible to the vast number of people whose primary and major secondary language is French.

Ditto, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Indeed, if that is done at the start of the utilisation of P6, it would ensure that P6 is used across the globe, and probably be the teaching language of choice for computer science in most non-English countries.

The difficulty will be - unfortunately - that in some languages the logic will not map exactly because some human languages have different logical constructs. Hence there is the likelihood that some of the programming in other languages might still be awkward. However, I think that will be a minor consideration for student programmers who are not forced into learning a "pigeon" form of English in order to code their programs.

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