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>> So over the next few months, I'm planning to learn about
>> fundraising, and see what I can accomplish on behalf of Perl
>> 6 development. To that end, I'm soliciting:
> It's not really a money problem. It's finding someone to give the money
> to. I've been trying to force money on some people to work on Perl 6,
> but they don't wants it, for whatever reason. Part of that is that TPF
> officers aren't supposed to get grant money.
> And, before you think about raising money, check how much money TPF
> actually has. There is still half of the NLNet's $70k to be
> distributed. for instance. It's not a fundraising problem. Find a
> person who would take money before you spend too much time finding the
> money. Targeted fundraising is more effective anyway :)

That's why I raised the debate on whom to aid.

I've seen that Daniel Ruoso applied for a grant for his smop project,
basically a virtual machine and fast backend for kp6, and perhaps other

TPF decided not to invest into yet another implementation.
So I learn that they do have money, and don't seem to finde worthy targets
to spend it.
On the other hand there are applications that I do consider worthwhile.

That's what made me come to the conclusion that it's really "The Parrot

But from chromatic's response I learned that there is good way to support
parrot - but financing him for month.

So where is the problem? Why doesn't the money flow one way or another?
Does TPF want to sponsor more Perl 5 related development? Or was that
offer, $5k for 1 month full time hacking, not known before?


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