> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 1:24 AM
> > Whilst debating issues like parrot vs pugs, or single-track vs
> parellel
> > track development, can be quite interesting, especially if it induces
> > Larry to compare straight lines to mountains and railroads, it is
> likely
> > to be more useful to have suggestions like chromatic's - 1month of
> > dedicated work for $5000.
> >
> > How about adding a page to one of the web sites where offers of help,
> > time and expense, can be made?
> Very good idea.


> Any takers?
> I would, but my internet connectivity is severely constrained atm.
> That will change from April 15th on, if noone made it until then, I'll
> do.
> But it would be shame to wait that long ;-)

We have the Perl 6 wiki. 

That might be a good way to set up a preliminary version.

I could help out this weekend, but right now I've got to catch up on
sleep and $work.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker


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