John M. Dlugosz wrote:
> I've installed the Win32 build of Pugs, but is appears to be incomplete.  How 
> do I get the "real thing"?  I've also heard that Pugs is in stasis, so is 
> this still a good way to write stuff and learn today?

There is no "real thing" yet, which is why we're working on it ;-)

> Likewise, how do I get synched up with the Parrot implementation? 

svn co https://svn.perl.org/parrot/trunk parrot
cd parrot
perl Makefile.PL && make
cd src/languages/

then you can fire up
../../parrot perl6.pbc

and start playing.

> I understand the most official grammar is being developed there.

Not quite. The "official" grammar is in the pugs repo in src/perl6/, but
it can't really run on anything yet.

> Is there a grammar-checker tool that will help me to validate proposed Perl 6 
> code fragments, even if I can't execute it yet?

Not yet, but we hope to build one soon.

> In general, what are the various repositories and version-control systems 
> used?  What ought I install and get working to join up with the Perl 6 
> community?

Both parrot and pugs use subversion aka svn.
The parrot repo contains parrot, rakudo (perl6 on parrot) and various
other languages, the pugs repo contains pugs, STD.pm (the grammar), some
of synopsis (in docs/Perl6/Spec/), kp6 (in v6/v6-KindaPerl6), smop (in
v6/smop/) and various other stuff.


Moritz Lenz
http://moritz.faui2k3.org/ |  http://perl-6.de/

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