I just finished another pass on S09<v24>, and in this posting I note editorial 
issues with the file that can easily be corrected.  This is as opposed to 
subjects for deep discussion, which I'll save for later and individual posts.

= on Mixing subscripts
"Within a C<.[]> indexing operation..."
Why the dot?  The examples don't use a dot, and this makes it sound like the 
dot is involved and that is confusing.  I see that C<.{}> was also mentioned 

= on PDL support

The term "PDL" is never defined.  A one-sentence introduction and href would be 

I first encountered it elsewhere in the docs, and did not know what it was.  I 
found it quickly on Wikipedia.  So to be more constructive, I'd suggest,

"PDL (Perl Data Language, see 
L<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perl_Data_Language>) is an extension in Perl 5 
with a significant user base.  The following sections discuss how PDL may look 
in Perl 6.  This may inspire certain support in the core language, and at least 
shows what needs to be possible to achieve in an extension."

= on The semicolon operator

"Another thing that's not going to fly easily is simply dropping out terms...." 
to the end of the section.

That is out of place.  The transition is wrong, and it does not express 
something that is unique to this topic.  I think it is a relic.

= on Parallelized parameters and autothreading

    use autoindex;
    do { @c[$^i, $^j, $^k, $^l] = @a[$^i, $^j] * @b[$^k, $^l] };

Shouldn't those be semicolons?  Ditto for subsequent examples.
Also, what does the "do" do?  I think it is only meaningful if there was 
something using this block's return value.  I suspect it is a relic of p5 

= on Autovivification

"Note that assignment implicitly binds a copy..."
Does assignment do binding?  I thought it would change the value in the 
existing container using its assignment function, not create a new container!  
Is this just poor wording?

Yes, the same section concludes, "Assignment doesn't look like binding, but 
consider that it's really calling some kind of underlying set method on the 
container, which must be mutable in order to change its contents."

I suggest changing to read "implicitly makes a copy..."


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