Audrey Tang 提到:
> John M. Dlugosz 提到:
>> = on Parallelized parameters and autothreading
>>     use autoindex;
>>     do { @c[$^i, $^j, $^k, $^l] = @a[$^i, $^j] * @b[$^k, $^l] };
>> Shouldn't those be semicolons?  Ditto for subsequent examples.
>> Also, what does the "do" do?  I think it is only meaningful if there was 
>> something using this block's return value.  I suspect it is a relic of p5 
>> notation.
> No, something more subtle is going on -- the "do STATEMENT" notation
> sees a stand-alone block in statement position, so it's automatically
> called with no arguments.

Er, sorry, that wasn't entirely correct. :-)

It's actually using the "do BLOCK" form, which implicitly calls the
block once, with no arguments, as defined in S04/"The do-once loop".

So the paragraph that mentioned "do STATEMENT" in my previous mail
should instead read:

or you can use the C<do BLOCK> syntax (see L<S04/"The do-once loop">) to
call that closure, which also implicit iterates:


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