You should look at Common Lisp.  it's definition of "optional typing" is that 
if you take a correct program and remove all the type declarations, then it 
still works correctly, although it may be significantly less efficient.  Larry 
and i have discussed this and that was his goai in Perl.  Now Perl doesn't 
quite meet that because of inferred method dispatch on .new().  you need to 

my Dog $spot = .new();


my $Spot =;

when you remove the declaration.

Mark Biggar

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> HaloO,
> Mark J. Reed wrote:
> > It would behoove @Larry to examine the optional type constraints
> > system proposed for Javascript:TNG (see link from
> > developers page).  I therefore assume that they have done so, but
> > others would benefit by doing likewise. :)
> Do I get that right: you imply that I didn't do my homework?
> Note that I don't feel offended by that.
> I found two dissertations and a couple of papers about typing
> JavaScript. The quintessential is that optional typing is
> defined as having *no* impact on the dynamic behavior of the
> program. In that respect type annotations are like comments.
> I doubt that this is the case with Perl 6, or is it?
> Regards, TSa.
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