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type (i.e., 'num'). Somehow, I had got it into my head that Num was a
role that is done by all types that represent values on the real
number line, be they integers, floating-point, rationals, or
irrationals.  And really, I'd like Num to mean that.  I'd rather see

Would you care to muse over that with me: what Roles should we decompose the various numeric classes into? Get a good list for organizing the standard library functions and writing good generics, and =then= argue over huffman encoding for the names. Call them greek things for now so we don't confuse anyone <g>.

Learn from the Haskell folks, who are still trying to untangle the mess they made of their numeric hierarchy (see http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Mathematical_prelude_discussion) .

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