On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 09:07:33AM -0400, Mark J. Reed wrote:
> I'm still somewhat ambivalent about this, myself.  My previous
> experience with hyphens in identifiers is chiefly in languages that
> don't generally have algebraic expressions, e.g. LISP, XML, so it will
> take some getting used to in Perl.  But at least in Perl's case the
> subtraction conflict is mitigated by the fact that many subtraction
> expressions will involve sigils;  $x-$y can't possibly be a single
> identifier.

Also, in Perl 6, constants aren't going to be bare words, because unlike
Perl 5, they're not going to be implemented as subroutines. So that's
another "obvious" thing that actually isn't going to matter here.

Nicholas Clark

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