* Peter Scott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-08-13 19:20]:
> If we allow operator symbols in identifiers then the world
> will divide into those people who look at Perl 6 programs
> only through syntax-highlighting editors and don't know what
> all the fuss is about naming a variable $e*trade since it is
> all purple, and those people who give up on reading the other
> people's programs.

False dilemma. See Bob Rogers’ mail in this thread; some
languages already allow all these symbols and the net effect
is zero, because they take more work to type and people are

That said, I really *really* like the idea of embedded dashes
in identifiers (not least because underscores offend my amateur
typophile self), but the idea of being able to embed other
operator-ish symbols in identifiers leaves me utterly cold. I
strongly doubt that if they are put in, it’ll cause the end of
Perl 6, as you argue, but I also don’t care at all about whether
they are allowed. I’m not going to use them anyway.

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