TSa Thomas.Sandlass-at-vts-systems.de |Perl 6| wrote:
Reading the description there I wonder how this is supposed to work.
I don't think S29 is in any shape as a serious design specification. Maybe you should not design it that way. Maybe the left-hand-side is "as ref" so it can change the identity of the object it is called on.

our Str multi method substr (Str $string is ref: StrPos $start, Int $length)
    is rw is export
... compute result in a new variable
$string = $result;  # ta-da!
... and what am I supposed to return? A Str-like object that is a proxy to just
the changed substring?

As for your other comments in general, I think S29 is NOT in any shape as a gospel, and going over the (very preliminary) design is a necessary task.


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