On 2008 Nov 24, at 10:45, dpuu wrote:
PS. From S16, q{ ...  On POSIX systems, you can detect this condition
this way:
   use POSIX qw(sysconf _PC_CHOWN_RESTRICTED);
   $can_chown_giveaway = not sysconf(_PC_CHOWN_RESTRICTED);

From this I inferred that the purpose of this assignment was to do a
check -- I apologize if I misinterpreted it -- and would suggest that
we should either get rid of that text, or else reword to suggest not
using it in bad ways.

The latter, I think; it can be useful to know whether the system permits or not (although you also need to use pathconf() to check if the filesystem in question allows it or not), but using it as a *security* check is a bad idea. OTOH Perl has historically not said much about doing that kind of thing.

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