Richard Hainsworth wrote in perl.perl6.language :
> The S16: chown, chmod thread seems to be too unix-focussed.

I was more or less thinking that the syscall-related primitives,
like chown or chmod, could go in a POSIX namespace. Even in UNIX
land nowadays the situation can be much more complex than traditional
ownership and modes (a situation not entirely satisfactorily addressed
by Perl 5's filetest pragma).

> Following the general perl6 philosophy, perhaps too there should be an 
> abstract definition for the language that is "core" and additional 
> modules that are specific to operating systems. Thus when generic 
> software is distributed, it comes with an installer that determines the 
> operating system chooses whether to use IO::Unix, IO::Unix::Gnome, 
> IO::MS::WindowsXP, IO::MS::Vista, IO::Apple, etc.
> Maybe also IO::Internet::Http, IO::Internet::Ftp?

IO (streams) and rights are not naturally related. Maybe you're thinking
about filesystems and other content addressing schemes (like URLs). The
subject is more complex than it seems at first glance, because you can
have, for example, per-volume current working directories. It's quite
hard to design something that is abstract enough, but at the same time
not totally useless.

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