I've been thinking about how I would implement module loading in SMOP
and reached some points that I think need some clarification. The most
important of them being about the EXPORTALL routine.

While all the default exportation is done by the population of the
EXPORT inner package, that doesn't happen from the outside, S11 implies
that it happens by the calling of the EXPORTALL routine, it doesn't
really make it clear where it comes from.

If it was "Foo::Bar.EXPORTALL" it would mean that this is a method from
Object, but I think this is a reminiscence of the old
method-to-sub-dispatch-fallback, which would mean that EXPORTALL is a
subroutine instead, being called on the package.

But does that mean that there's a default EXPORTALL that is installed in
every package? Does that mean that in the absense of a custom EXPORTALL,
some specific code is called?


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