Following up to a bug report, Mr Lenz wrote:

Another detail: if i do this in the REPL, it works fine, until I close
> the REPL - then I get the same backtrace as before.

...except that this is a Rakudo bug, and Rakudo doesn't have a REPL.  It has
a REL, but if you want P, you have to arrange it explicitly.  I would much
prefer a REPL, but I imagine that's not way up the priority list at the
moment.  (Keeping lexical state across interactive statements would be nice,

Pugs, of course, does have a P-ful REPL.  This led me to wonder if there's
any intent to include the interactive behavior of the interpreter as part of
the spec.  I can see arguments for leaving it up to the individual
implementation, but it'd also be nice to  have some consistency there.
Maybe not require that there be a REPL, but supply some guidelines for how
it should behave if it exists.

Since Perl 5 has no REPL, I'm not sure where such a spec would go.  S20,
maybe, since the debugger is the closest thing?

Sorry if this has come up before; I did a quick search but didn't see any
discussion of it.

Mark J. Reed <>

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