On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 11:51, Moritz Lenz <mor...@faui2k3.org> wrote:
>> Since Perl 5 has no REPL, I'm not sure where such a spec would go.  S20,
>> maybe, since the debugger is the closest thing?
> or maybe S19, because it defines the console interface to the rest of
> the world. Or just pick a not-yet-used number, S34, and have fun with it ;-)
since i'm working on S19, i thought i'd speak up here. a spec for the
perl 6 repl is not covered under my S19 ian hague grant. therefore, i
have no plans to work on a repl spec in the short term. if it is
determined that S19 is an appropriate place for the repl spec (it just
might be), that shouldn't stop anybody from modifying that document.
it's in the pugs repository so the community can easily contribute,
after all.


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