i opened RT #61742 because the semantics of the "use" statement in rakudo
changed in such a way that i could no longer precompile mod_perl6 modules. "use" statements are now being invoked during PAST generation, which requires any "used" modules to be in the @INC path and error-free. moritz informed me that this was the correct behavior (which is now obvious to me), and i was able to fix mod_perl6, but it raised an interesting point.

if a module expects conditions only present at *runtime*, you can never precompile that module, as the compile-time "use" will fail. this isn't a problem for regular command-line scripts, but what about code such as a mod_perl6 handler? the modules it uses assume they're embedded in an apache process, dlfunc'ing a bunch of apache API functions. right now it is impossible to compile such a module to bytecode, which i like to do for startup performance.

i realize that "use" needs to load modules early, but i think there needs to be a distinction so such modules aren't executed out of context. maybe there's an obvious way around this, maybe this is a new edge case.



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