On 2009 Jan 4, at 8:53, Carl Mäsak wrote:
Now, I can precompile the B module to PIR without a problem, but when
I compile the A module, Rakudo/Parrot aborts because it runs the code
in B and dies.

$ parrot languages/perl6/perl6.pbc --target=pir --output=B.pir B.pm

$ parrot languages/perl6/perl6.pbc --target=pir --output=A.pir A.pm
Remember, remember, the fifth of November
current instr.: 'die' pc 14950 (src/builtins/control.pir:204)

Just wondering if this is reasonable behaviour. It does confuse me a bit.

I believe you'll find perl5 does the same thing. Point of "use" is to load potentially syntax/semantics-changing stuff when it will work; for active code you want a runtime load instead.

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