On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 11:24, Geoffrey Broadwell <ge...@broadwell.org> wrote:
> Thank you for the quick turnaround!
> On Fri, 2009-01-02 at 10:55 -0800, jerry gay wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 09:27, Geoffrey Broadwell <ge...@broadwell.org> wrote:
>> > It's also not
>> > obvious what a boolean named $doc does -- which probably means either
>> > that it's not supposed to be a boolean, or it needs a somewhat more
>> > descriptive long name (or both).
> I think this is the only remaining item you had not yet responded to --
> er, unless I missed it.
oh, yes, whoops! i responded to someone else in #pugs earlier, and
forgot to address the item here. C<perl6 --doc> replaces p5's
C<perldoc> (that's the latest idea from damian, although it seems not
to be published yet).

the most likely short names, C<< < -d -o -c > >> are all taken by
either p5 or p6 command-line. i don't want to use C<-d>, because that
has to do with the debugger in p5, so makes it harder for p6 to catch
accidental usage. C<--doc> probably warrants a short name, since it
will be called frequently--i hope, reducing irc traffic :) but i
haven't decided on a good name yet. i'm open to suggestions.


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