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> On Fri, 2009-01-02 at 12:27 -0800, jerry gay wrote:
> > oh, yes, whoops! i responded to someone else in #pugs earlier, and
> > forgot to address the item here. C<perl6 --doc> replaces p5's
> > C<perldoc> (that's the latest idea from damian, although it seems not
> > to be published yet).
> Ah, I get it!  What about perldoc's special modes?  Will these go in
> ++DOC ... ++/DOC sections?

Jerry mentioned in IRC that he intends on documenting the metasyntax options
more. I'm guessing this is sort of a special meta argument given perldoc's
modes, so it should probably be documented there. I would like to raise the
question of whether implementations must be required to fully parse/present
perldoc or just recognize it's presence. This would allow for POD "fluffers"
like pod2html and for streamlined perl6 implementations to skip things like

-Jason "s1n" Switzer

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