* Aristotle Pagaltzis <pagalt...@gmx.de> [2009-01-12 20:55]:
> Also `:!start` to imply `:end` unless `:!end` (which in turn
> implies `:start` unless `:!end`)?

Ugh, forget this, I was having a blank moment.

Actually that makes me wonder now whether it’s actually a good
idea at all to make the function parametrisable at all. Even
`.ltrim.rtrim` is shorter and easier than `.trim(:start,:end)`!
Plus if there are separate `.ltrim` and `.rtrim` functions it
would be better to implement `.trim` by calling them rather than
vice versa, so it wouldn’t even be less efficient two make two
calls rather than a parametrised one.

And if anyone really needs to be able to decide the trimming
based on flags, they can do that themselves with `.ltrim`/
`.rtrim` with rather little code anyway.

So I question the usefulness of parametrisation here.

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