* Ovid <publiustemp-perl6langua...@yahoo.com> [2009-01-12 21:20]:
> Since that's RTL (Right To Left) text, should ltrim remove the
> leading or trailing whitespace?
> I like Jonathan's trim_start and trim_end.

Let me ask you first: does a string that runs Right-to-Left start
at the left and end at the right or start at the right and end at
the left?

Now to answer your question, *I* know where the *left* side is in
a string that runs from right to left: it’s at the *left*, same
as if the string ran from the left to the right, because left is
at the *left*.


I mean, if the the meaning of “left” was inverted by
“right-to-left”, in which it is contained, then what does the
latter even mean? (OK, we’re on a Perl 6 list so I guess the
answer is it’s a juction… :-) )

Clearly one of us has an inversed sense of which pair of terms is
ambiguous, and I don’t think it’s me… ;-)

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