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So "$a -<=> $b" is equivalent to "$b <=> $a", not "-($a <=> $b)".  OK.
I'd suggest choosing a better character for the meta-operator (one
that conveys the meaning of reversal of order rather than opposite
value); but I don't think that there is one.

There are two I can think of:

~ is used in regex to mean inversion of order as in:
        '(' ~ ')' <stuffInTheMiddle>
which is the same as
        '(' <stuffInTheMiddle> ')'
Though, of course, ~ is the prefix a number of hardwired operators, and they all pertain to strings, so this might be awkward.

^ is used to mean 'compliment' and is the prefix to only six operators (where it means exclusive of start point: ^.. ^..^ ^ff ^ff^ ^fff and ^fff^)

So, I could easily see:

If you REALLY want to get creative, you just spell these operators backwards:

Okay.. forget I said that....

        - MtnViewMark

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