Jon Lang <> writes:

> So "$a -<=> $b" is equivalent to "$b <=> $a", not "-($a <=> $b)".  OK.
>  I'd suggest choosing a better character for the meta-operator (one
> that conveys the meaning of reversal of order rather than opposite
> value); but I don't think that there is one.

  A transposition of the parameters of a binary operator?  Well,
transpositions are occasionally denoted by ticks:

  $a  op' $b === $b  op $a

  $a <=>' $b === $b <=> $a
  $a cmp' $b === $b cmp $a
  $a leg' $b === $b leg $a

  ... hmmm ...

  $a  -' $b === $b  - $a
  $a  /' $b === $b  / $a
  $a **' $b === $b ** $a

  ... and just to complete the madness ...

  $a  =' $b === $b  = $a


  ... transposed assignment! :-)

  Somehow I think Huffman may have something to say about this. :)

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