Em Seg, 2009-02-02 às 13:51 +0100, Leon Timmermans escreveu:
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 1:05 PM,  <pugs-comm...@feather.perl6.nl> wrote:
> > -the latter case C<$!> is set).
> > +the latter case C<$!> is set). The C<:async> flag lets the call
> > +return an undefined value if no character is immediately available.
> IMHO it would be better to call that non-blocking IO instead of
> asynchronous IO, but I'm POSIX-biased.

Agreed, it would be async if that was a request for a character that
would be replied using some other call, in that case it is non-blocking

But I should argue that it should be a property of the IO object, not of
every individual method call..


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