Em Ter, 2009-02-03 às 10:34 +0300, Richard Hainsworth escreveu:
> f) radical suggestion:
> if the syntax '=$filehandle' lazily takes something from the file 
> handle, then
> $filehandle = <output>;
> should send something to it.

Problem is that this meeses up with assignment, which is an operation in
the container, not on the value, but...

$output <== =$input

works just fine (sending one line of $input to $output), as well as

$input ==> $output

which would connect those filehandles

> We would also have
> $filehandle = map { s/ <html_entities> / %html_entities/ } @lines;
> as a filtering idiom.

Still using feed operators

$output <== map { s/ <html_entities> / %html_entities/ }, @lines;


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