Hi all. I know we usually run on forgiveness instead of permission, but I'm suggesting a big change (or extension, anyway), so I wanted to run the ideas by you all before I put the effort in. If I don't get feedback, I'll just make the changes.

The first thing I wanted to suggest was that in S16, the OS-specific stuff be split out into separate roles. I suspect this is mostly non-controversial, so I'll do that unless someone complains.

My second thought is that we need to specify tree objects (see http://www.mail-archive.com/perl6-language@perl.org/msg28579.html ). I'll put them in S16 unless someone complains.

My third thought is that it would be very useful also to have date/time objects that integrate well with eg. ctime, mtime, and the like; I'd start with Time::Piece as a model.


My final question is, since people are now getting somewhat familiar with the "file:" URI scheme (ie. file:/home/wayland/Notes.txt or file:/C/Documents and Settings/wayland/Notes.txt or whatever), I'm wondering if this isn't how we should be specifying our files; it's prettier than File::Spec :), and unified.

        Anyway, HTH,

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