On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 6:36 AM, Richard Hainsworth
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> What needs to be abstracted so that a perl6 program can know that a
> Writeable may not be able to accept data (eg., because the file system is
> full)?

I don't understand the question.  To be a Writable, an object must
have a mechanism for accepting data.  That mechanism may fail for any
of a large number of reasons (out of space, no permission, etc...),
but that's orthogonal to the fact that it's a Writable.  A Readable is
not the same thing as "a Writable you can't actually write to right

Side question: are HTTP URI's Writable?  If so, I imagine that
translates into a PUT.  Is there any benefit in abstracting out the
functionality of POST in a way that maps to other resource types?

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