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On 2009 Feb 17, at 1:54, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
Hi all. According to S29, the Perl 5 format() function is obsolete, and it says "See Exegesis 7". According to Exegesis 7, there will be a Form.pm which implements similar functionality, but has to be "use"d. My questions are:
1.      Is the Form.pm module discussed anywhere in the specs?
2.      This seems to imply that the Form.pm module will be included as part
of the standard Perl distribution, but not "use"d by default. Is this
        the case?  I presume this is also true of the IO roles.  Is there
        somewhere a list of all the modules that will be part of the standard
        Perl6 distro?

I may be out of date, but last I'd heard Form.pm had been neither documented nor specced (much less written) and was expected not to make the initial Perl6 release.

(It would be difficult to spec given that IO is only just being specced now and nothing is firm yet.)

It turns out someone on IRC is starting to work on this, and it's already been done by Damian as as the Perl 5 module Perl6::Form(s?), and the documentation on that will be considered a draft spec.

        Anyway, HTH,

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