On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Daniel Ruoso wrote:

Em Qui, 2009-02-19 às 15:58 -0800, Larry Wall escreveu:
That being said, I'm thinking that all actual times represented by
floats in Perl are TAI time, not the Unix pseudo time with hidden
leap seconds.  I sure wish they'd done away with civic leap seconds
in 2000 and said we'll put in a leap minute or two on century breaks...

I beg to disagree.

If we're going to use an epoch, it should be the Operating System's
epoch. Anything else will lead to confusion and disorder ;P

And which OS epoch would that be?

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epoch_(reference_date)#Computing

I don't care what epoch we standardize on, as long as it's consistent across platforms.


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