On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 08:12:36AM -0600, Dave Rolsky wrote:
> That's certainly fine with me, but I think we'd still want some simple  
> objects on top of them, rather than handing people a single epoch numbre  
> to deal with.

Certainly, we'll be depending on the type system to keep these things
straight.  I'm not suggesting the user use bare Nums as anything other
than naive durations for APIs such as sleep().  I'm more interested
in the mathematical purity (counting floating point as pure *cough*)
of the operations, and the proper use of the type system to keep the
units straight.  I'm also interested in killing the POSIX concept of
time as soon as possible, at least as the default view of reality.

By the by, I'm also inclined to agree with those who prefer "Instant"
to "DateTime" on aesthetic grounds.


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