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> Google has announced this year's Summer of Code[1]. The Perl
> Foundation accepted one project (mentored by Moritz) related to Perl 6
> last year[2]. I was wondering if there are any developers interested
> in mentoring students on Perl 6-related projects this year. I for one
> would like to apply (as a student) for some Perl 6 work.
> 1. http://code.google.com/soc/
> 2. http://code.google.com/soc/2008/perl/about.html
i'm glad your interest is building, based on last year's successes.
this year, the perl foundation will again apply as a mentoring
organization for google summer of code.  leading the effort will be
jonathan leto, one of last year's mentors, stepping up to fill eric
wilhelm's role as organization administrator.  like last year, tpf
will encourage applications for both perl 5 and perl 6 projects, and
parrot projects as well (as long as they're perl-related).

last year, if i recall correctly, 44 mentors applied for tpf, and 25
student applications were received (of which 16 met the tpf standard
for acceptance).  google allocated 6 slots to tpf, and 5 projects were
completed.  this year, i expect more organizations and more students
will apply, and i know both fewer organizations and fewer students
will be accepted into the program.  if the perl foundation is accepted
again (i have high hopes), you should know that the perl community is
extremely generous.  i have no doubt tpf will again see more
volunteers show interest in mentoring students than students
applicants, and i expect there will be many more project applications
than acceptances.

stay tuned for more info, as tpf is just starting up the hype machine.
 until that gets going, you might start looking at last year's
projects page [1] for previous ideas, and if you're really serious,
you can start working on your proposal.  expect this year's standard
for acceptance to be similar to last year's, and expect the
competition to be greater.


1. http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc2008_projects)

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