I've done some more fiddling based on Carl Masak's updated list.

* I see the sub version of defined declared in S29. Is the method version (used in S02:519) also in S29? I can't see it, but I might be missing something about how method signatures work.

        I've moved it to S32/Any.pod, and declared the method version.

* Should the methods .new and .clone be covered by S29? They're slightly different beasts than abs or push, but they're still in a sense "builtin functions in Perl 6".

        I guess the way I decide things like this is:
-       If it's a method on a role/object, then it lives in S32
-       If it's not a method, then it lives in S29
-       If it's a method, but can also be used as a function, then it lives
        with its object in S32, but has a cross-reference from S29

    * Same question for BUILD and CREATE.
* What about metaclass methods, like .HOW.methods? Should they be covered in S29?

        S32, according to above theory.

* Should there be a way to extract information about a Rat's numerator/denominator? What methods does a Rat have?

Rat.avoid_trap(), Rat.eatcheese(), Rat.race(), etc. Oh, wait, *that* kind of Rat :).

# The filetest operators. These are covered in S16, so maybe just mention them.

        I should mention that these are now in IO.pod.

# true(), not(), also methods



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