On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 01:37:16PM +1100, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
>       I guess the way I decide things like this is:
> -     If it's a method on a role/object, then it lives in S32
> -     If it's not a method, then it lives in S29

Do we have many things that aren't methods?

>>     * Should there be a way to extract information about a Rat's  
>> numerator/denominator? What methods does a Rat have?

I'm also curious about extracting real and imaginary components
from Complex.

>> # true(), not(), also methods
>       On?

C<true> is a method on Object (S02:3391), I suspect that 
C<not> is also (S03:3282).

Beyond that, I think that what one would think of as
true() or not() are really prefix:<true> and prefix:<not>,
and not "functions" in the normal sense.


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