Moritz Lenz wrote:
Jon Lang wrote:
@@ -1836,6 +1836,12 @@
 prototype objects, in which case stringification is not likely to
 produce something of interest to non-gurus.)

+The C<.^parents> method by default returns a flattened list of all
+parents sorted in MRO (dispatch) order. Other options are:
+    :local              just returns the immediate parents
+    :hierarchical       the inheritance heirarchy as nested arrays
Bad Huffman coding, IMHO.  Could we s/hierarchical/tree/?

Huffman coding? How often do you you call meta object methods?

Anyway, I agree that :tree would be nicer (notice that "hierarchical" is
sufficiently hard to type so it's typed wrongly in 50% of the
occurrences ;-))

I've found 2 different ways to misspell hierarcha^Whierachi^W*sigh* already while stubbing that flag into Rakudo yesterday. So I'd happily see it become tree. If there's no objections soonish, let's change it to that.


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