Timothy (>), John (>>):
>> If you would be so kind, please take a look at
>> <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/med-loop.html>.  I spent a couple days on
>> this, and besides needing it checked for correctness, found a few issues as
>> well as more food for thought.
>        John, I very much enjoyed your article.  I'm hoping that at some
> point, it would be possible to merge it into U4X, which is the "Userdocs for
> Christmas" project (I think Carl Masak is the appropriate contact person for
> this).

Not yet having read the article, I just wanted to pop by saying that
there's a good chance something like this can end up in the
'tutorials' section of u4x. The best way to ascertain this is to put a
mention in u4x/TODO, so I just did this.

// Carl

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