As I recently mentioned in IRC, I'm going to give a talk about Perl 6 in
the International Free Software Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. For those
who don't know FISL, it's one of the biggest events in the world with ~
5k people attending (http://www.fisl.org.br).

This talk is not targetted only to Perl people, but to the general
public of the event (which is one of the most diverse events I ever
participated). Of course it's on the "Development/Perl" track, but it
should get a lot of non-Perl people as well.

I'm planning to do a presentation to highlight the most impressive
aspects to Perl 6, in some way explaining why we are working on it for 9
years while still being excited about it.

So, as illustrations to my presentation, I'd like to show code snippets
in the slides, which comes to the subject of this mail.

Please post impressive Perl 6 code snippets, we all know there are
several, and I really would like to give people some idea of why Perl 6
is so cool.

I started a page in the Perl 6 wiki for that:



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