Hi Daniel,

Sounds very interesting. Can you post slides? It'd be cool if the talk was taped, like the Google tech talks. Will it be in English? I don't speak Portuguese (I do speak Spanish and some German).

I'm planning to do a presentation to highlight the most impressive
aspects to Perl 6, in some way explaining why we are working on it for 9
years while still being excited about it.

Note: By trying to get things that are impressive, you don't want to do things that are so complicated that the audience gets the feeling that Perl 6 is too hard.

That said, lazy lists like 0..Inf is something that is both impressive and easy to understand.

You could try to think of things that are made easier or simpler by the new Perl 6. The only examples I can think of right now are:

sub foo($x,$y) { ... }

if $a < $b < $c { .. }

for @people -> $dude { do something }
for %people.kv -> $key, $value { do something }

Back on the subject of impressive, I really like lambdas:

$code = -> $x { say $x }
$code("hello world");

I know this is not the approach you had in mind, but what do you think?


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