On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 04:38:21PM -0700, yary wrote:
> perl4-perl5.8 or so had a variable that let you change the starting
> index for arrays, so you could actually make the above work. But then
> everyone who'd re-arranged their brains to start counting at 0, and
> written code that has a starting index of 0, would have problems.

That was $[ and it goes back to perl 1 or so.  I recall
experimenting with it a couple of times.  Using it, though,
means that you have to use $[ as the lower range limit for
*every* array everywhere.

That gets stale very quickly, and I then decided that I would
just never change the setting of $[ and would remove such a
change from any code that I called.

This single global value for the initial index of all arrays
was one of the things that lead to the greater understanding
that "action at a distance" is hazardous to your sanity as a
code maintainer.

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